Introducing MyPlug
The First Ever THEFT-PROOF cable
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Meet MyPlug

The first ever cable with a built in combination lock!


Passcode Protected

Each time MyPlug is connected to a power source, your custom 3-6 digit passcode must be entered to enable charging!


Sharing is Caring… Sometimes

If you would like to lend out your cable, MyPlug offers a great feature called ‘Guest Mode’ which unlocks the cable for 1 Hour. Alternatively you could disable it completely for as long as you wish.



MyPlug is available with either MicroUSB, Type-C or Lightning Adaptor plugs and is compatible with any phone, tablet or device that requires those types. 


Elegant Design

MyPlug is available in three stunning colours.
Deep Gold, Nitrate Silver and Sleek Black


Customisable Passcode

Quickly and easily change or update your passcode to instantly Re-Secure your MyPlug.

Fast Charge

Designed with 24 gauge copper wires, MyPlug can carry currents of 2 Amps+ allowing your device to charge as quick as safely possible.

Guest Mode

‘Guest Mode’ gives you the option to allow charging without a passcode for up to 1 Hour.


Our Mission

The idea of MyPlug was first conceived by a team that was constantly prone to cable theft! Whether it was when we were working together or at home, our charging cables were either disappearing or falling apart. 

After a heated argument broke out over a missing smartphone charger, 48 hours later we had built the worlds first theft proof cable. We then surveyed 500 people which reiterated the need for MyPlug. Results concluded that the average spend on replacing charging cables was $30+ over a 2-4 month period.

So we set out to build the strongest THEFT-PROOF cable ever made!

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